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tv   [untitled]    June 29, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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interpreter: there's some words here that are -- that i need to say and speak up. there's displacement. there is [inaudible]. there is eviction. interpreter: and the words that i have against this are housing, shelter, housing temporary housing, and permanent housing.
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>> this integration that's going on and delinquent see, and alcohol and violence. cy, -- these other words like housing, shelting, temporary housing, permanent housing, these things provide for healthy nucleus family. they accelerate work and bring forth sports, studies and more benefits that
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give for a healthy family and things that are very positive for the daily lives of our family. thank you. . interpreter: good afternoon, my name is maricelli. i'm a mother of two children. i work and i live in an sro. i ask that you give to the families. so i ask that
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you give housing to families so they are stable, and i made all effort to apply for housing, but i didn't get housing because i live in a hotel. i ask that you give to the families and there is more funding for families and their housing. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> so i'm going to say a few words. so my name is laurdes. i worked in sf for about seven years now helping family find housing,
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specifically latino families and families that speak spanish. again, i want to also echo what [inaudible] said, the hardest hit right now, our families are working families and they are immigrant families and they are family out there who are cooking in the kitchens, cleaning, these are our most displaced families, and there are decisions that are being made inside this place that are effecting the lives of every single individual here including yourselves, and there are families here that couldn't be here because they are -- they have two to three jobs that they need to provide for their children and not only that, pay rent, so before they could provide for their children, they need to provide for a roof. to the bureaucracy of how the money is being handled, here is
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criminal. we live in a wealthy city where we can be an example for the rest of the country for prevention of homelessness and creating a healthy community where we can afford to live and eat and create so please -- like all of us here are scrambling for crumbs. it's kind of ridiculous. they're all non profit, but this is non profit. there's teacher, and there's those in different parts of the city that's being effected so there's ways we can work this out and i believe you have the intelligence to do it. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisor. my name is jesus and i'm with homeless and i'm with the market network and i work at
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both places dealing with the hotels. we have a lot of families out there that need housing, like, from families already speak about the kids that they can't do homework so we need a place where the kids can do their homework, where the families have a descent place because these families are homeless. they live in hotel. they're not [inaudible]. i'm asking, please support this and make more housing for families. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i want to say san francisco, i believe in you. and i want you all to throw up the fist. throw up the fist. we although this is about justification and we want to see if you all are going to take a stand against it or take a stand for it, and we want you all to help
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save the san francisco that we know, that's why i stand with my chinese brothers and sisters, that's why i stand with my latino brothers and san franciscos and also my black brothers and sisters as well. and we need political education in our community. a lot of us don't know there's 11 districts in the city. you can go out there and ask. ask those in your district. do you know how many districts are in the city, so that's why we're disconnected. we don't understand what goes on at city hall. i don't want to take up too much time. that's all i have to say. we have a coalition bill because by us being divided, that effects the establishment. whites, blacks, filipinos, and is a mown yans, that's the san francisco i grew up in and i know. throw up the fist. >> thank you, next speaker.
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>> the gentlemen in one of your offices, you explained the budget as a moral document and i hope it supports those. it's the worth of city policy. i know the people holding up the is safety net aren't left behind or priced out of the city and i hope it resist the inequality that non profit workers that you narrow. i hope that it insures that san francisco stays a place that takes care of its people and grows together. you guys have the money, support the 3%. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is alias. i would like to see the creation of a vehicle man slaughter unit within the police to investigate traffic
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injuries and deaths and i would like to see the parking meters enforced on sunday. the money from meters will provide much needed funded needs for muni and it will reduce congestion and increased turnover for businesses. anyone who doesn't believe me on that needs to look at the smta own data that has shown these has happened since they started enforcing the meters on sunday in 2012. i would like to see some sort of action to back up all of the chalk and buzz words about vision zero and transit first. that's it. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is rick smith and i'm a resident of district 6 and i'm a district 6 pedestrian cac and community members in tenderloin. i'm not here to speak on affordable housing, but i'm here to speak about vehicle accidents and we don't need to wait ten years to accomplish that goal. engineering looking for long term sustained investment in making safer streets for this year, that would be $10 million to invest in the identified streets project. in enforce, $400,000 for the manslaughter unit and the police traffic investigation unit and in education, $100,000 for supporting advocacy groups like
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bike coalition and walk sfs to do outreach and then city oversight and monitor progress, $100,000 for the department of health. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is kerry ole and i work at the food bank and i'm the chair of the san francisco food security task force. i want to thank you for your commitment to ending food security by 2012. we appreciate your leadership on this critical issue and the leadership of mayor ed lee in adding additional fund to go the proposed budget to work towards achieving this goal. however, i'm sure you you know the need far out strips the funds and i'm here today to urge you to increase the funds dedicated to ending food security by 2020. this is all detailed in that spread sheet i dropped off in your office. we're asking for an additional $9.96 million dedicated to food
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security in the next budget in three big buckets. one, addressing the needs of seniors and those with disabilities. we would like to call it continued care and home delivered grocery and home delivered meals, it means that people can live and have access to food in ways that makes sense to them. our robust network is ready to take those funds from the city and get the food out to the people that need it so people can live in their homes as long as possible and we have the most cost effective solutions addressing their needs. second, we -- that's $9.6 million. second, cal fresh, my colleague from the food bank spoke to the importance of specific outreach done by cbo to reach the hard to reach populations that it augments the funds. and finally we have a small ask to start working on a supplemental
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voucher. thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is frankie rivera and i'm a native american. how come san francisco is not paying attention to its actual citizens, it's working class citizens and its youth and elderly and disabled. i don't understand that. just recently native americans have just won a really big thing with the mascot issue and the reason why i wanted to mention that is because for a while, america thought there was honoring native americans with this indian mascot issue and the trademark association is denying a renewed registration especially with the washington redskins. the reason i'm saying this is because how come native americans are
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so low budgeted and other culture group in the miss district and we loss a native american program on market and the housing issue -- across from the native american health issue is a homeless place and a lot of native americans are homeless and recently i got off the streets through native american health center and other agencies that came up here to housing alliance and other places and the food. it's very important for people to have something to eat. if not, they're going to end up dying on the streets. people are -- need housing, not just for shelter, but to stay alive. there's people with disabilities and they're suffering with illnesses and help out with the family and sro and help out with the working class people. this used to be america where native
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americans shared and cared about everybody. let's do that, san francisco. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of supervisor. my name is regina santa maria and i'm a social worker. msw graduate and broud native san franciscan who is lucky to live in a rent control apartment. i will not throw out statistics. there is an unaffordable housing crisis. unfair evictions and inhumane displacements occurring throughout san francisco. the marginalize population effected and i'm here to represent our aging older adults, people with disabilities, a homeless population that ranges
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from youth and families, lgbtq people, veterans, seniors and those with severe mental illnesses and in recovery for substance abuse. these human beings are served by organization and providers. too many to mention here that need more funding, that is increased every fiscal year. we need more affordable housing, and these vital safety net programs for our growing city. the drastically -- it's destroying the community i was raised in and something needs to be done now because we all deserve to live here. please increase the funding to protect basic human rights for the organizations that serves san francisco. thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, everybody, my is calvin washington. i'm homeless. take a look at me and see what homeless looks like. i have
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been homeless for six months in san francisco. i know what it's like to sleep on the streets and go to the sleep kitchen and i know what it means to stand hours in life waiting to get a bed and get into a drop in only to not get a bed. i know what that's like. in two more weeks i'm going to lose my bed because there's no housing to put people in. you're looking at a guy that has no chemical dependency issues, a guy that has a college degree and i'm going through this. i want you to take a good look at what's going on in the community. i have never in my life seen the level of homelessness that i've seen up here. it is absolutely ridiculous that there have shelters up here and that people are actually up here trying but they can't get ahead. they can't get ahead. there needs to be more financing, so i'm here to tell the board of supervisors to investigate in solutions to homelessness, at least $11 million more to all preventible
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displacements and tenants have a right to council and fully fund rapid housing to create subsidies in private housing where homeless individuals can move. i came to california several months ago because i grew up in foster homes and i have no family. i'm by myself. i came here because i had a dream. i wanted to start my company and get everything going. i've had nothing but obstacles since i've got up here. i met with my caseworker because they're trying to find me housing. you know what i was told, there is no housing. what's going on right now is people are getting out of these shelters and have to go to the drop in shelter and get a better. if they can't get a bed, they sleep in chairs. i've done it. when you can't get a bed and housing, you lose hope. what happens when you lose hope? >> thank you, very much. next
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speaker, please. >> my name is stephen westard and i'm a homeless man live nothing san francisco. i'm hoping that you all can help provide fair housing and safe housing and healthy housing for the residents of san francisco that are homeless. right now i'm currently staying in the [inaudible]. i'm also -- i'm suffering from schizophrenic disorder and ptsd. i take my medication, i want to go to school and improve my life and standards of living, but it's hard for me to do so when i have to sleep in a chair or when i have to stand in line or when i have to go through lines to soup kitchens and thingz -- things like that. i was friends with the guy that died on 5th and bryant
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underneath the turn pike and i feel there needs to be a divider and reflectors so people can see at night. i don't believe in punishment and all that, but investigate whatever you will, but whatever needs to be addressed, i'm hoping that you can do -- not only things for people that have families or children, but couples as well in their sro situations or circumstances of housing that are homeless as well because some people have to suffer, suffer by being split apart as families and having to be alone in neighborhoods that are drug ridden, unhealthy, no water -- the water is unhealthy and
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unsafe with these slum landlords that need to be monitored. there's roaches, rats, things of that nature, and the hotels need to be monitored better because unhealthy circumstances makes unhappy people and i'm hoping that everybody can be happy. speaker: thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is alice rice and i'm representing the omi beacon. i'm here to advocate for our art and math programs. in my position aztec coordinator over last three years, i have served hundreds of children and youth in district 11 to promote digital legacy. to the
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strong advocacy of supervisor avalos last june, our site was awarded add back funds for the funds in broad band, technology opportunities programs. these funds helped us to expand our middle school programming and to include more innovative technologies to meet the growing need of our. male -- growing need and their stem. and expanded our programs to include the maker education initiative. with renewed funding, i'll program will be able to continue closing the digital divide to further their work with a city's most vulnerable populations from the digital divide youth and seniors. with me here today
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are a few of our youth and they'd like to speak about their experiences and its value. >> good afternoon. i'm feona gray and i have been at beacon for three years and one of the tech classes i've taken was a w voices where we've had a wonderful opportunity to present to judges to dedicated high school students to use hardware and software. our team had the highest score of all middle and high school teams, so we be back at adobe in a few months. thank you. >> good afternoon, my name is anna wong and i've been with beacon for three years and i participated in the project to cage the attitudes
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of people in district 11 about girls and women in the stem program. that ex peer hans as made me want to convince other girls and people in my family to be more open about technology. thank you. >> hi, my name is flora and i've learned how to update computers in different ways which has helped me with my hope work and my home computer. those classes have let me got to know more about computers and learn the answers to questions i've always wanted to know since i was six. >> good afternoon, my name is ben. i've been with beacon for three years and i took an animation class. to make something means to give it life or tell a story from a point of view. i learned that animation takes more than a couple of minutes and a lot of ideas to think about it and things to
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tell us about innovative technology. >> my name is fong and i took a class called rat squad. in that class i learned how to maintain computers by updating them and cleaning them so they can function well, and i also learned the parts of the computer and how they work together to make a computer work. thank you. >> thanks everyone. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm from beacon working with older youth, employment skills and supervisor avalos has been supportive of our program and i was here last year asking for the money but i would like to turn it over to two student who's have gone through our
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services to see what you're getting for your money and ask that the support continues continually with the great we're doing. >> good afternoon, i used to be apart of urban explorers. i've been in the beacon since i was ten years old. my sophomore of high school, i transferred to balboa high school and i was amazed by opportunities presented by the beacon. at balboa, i took martial arts, and coral which is a work shop dedicated to teaching leadership and focusing on achievement gap of low income students which i was myself. the after school program is a safe haven for all students to come in after school off the streets, there are movies daily, there are activities i can participate in, and there's
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mentorship. my senior year, a new program was launched called the employment work shop and i participated and the second semester. we teach students how to dress and speak in interviews so because of the resources and skills i've learned from the work shop, i'm currently an intern at bank of america. if i continue to work it bank of america, they will fund my college tuition for the next four years, so please support our funding so low income youth like myself can have more opportunities and support inspiration and encouragement. thank you. >> hello, my name is ben navaro and i'm with the same beacon program. the programs gives us empowerment as youth to go out and reach our dreams. i suffer from depression on and off because
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sometimes i don't eat, i know how that feels going hungry, and all that. these internships and after school programs give me a sense of empowerment to go out there and make a difference in life. it's hard when you don't have those resources there, maybe the money is not there or it's not enough support to back it up. currently i got into an airport internship with the workshops with beacon and overall, i've been feeling stable and i feel i can do anything i want to do and achieve it. i want to thank you guys for this time and letting me talk. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is -- i'm the associate director of beacon. i'm with
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this wonderful group here. i'm here to talk on behalf of balboa high school. last year i was up here and he pleaded with the city not to turn their backs on balboa high school and you responded quickly especially supervisor avalos, thank you so much. it was in the form of a two year add-back, 75 k through dcys specialized teen program. with that fund in one year, we rebuilt the foundation built at balboa. we have a highest attendance. we take our young people out of being a consumer, but being a maker like 3-d printing and gardening and culinary arts. these students are working on building a brand new community gathering space at
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balboa high school. and they're growing crops and donating the crops to those in need. in order to sustain this program, we're asking for an additional 25 k. next year will be the last year, so with a humble heart, i ask as a community member, and a dedicated youth worker and a dedicated father who believe in our public school system to let us finish what we've started. these young people have shown their investment in us. i think it's time to show a long term commitment to them. this isn't a program that keeps the kids off the street, but it gives them the skills they need to build a future. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is daria and i'm a non profit worker. i work with